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ULTRA CLEAR ROOF Waterproof Rubberized Sealant

Ultra Clear Roof Waterproof Rubber Sealant is a crystal clear, elastomeric synthetic rubber sealant that stops and prevents minor roof leaks. It creates an invisible, ultra waterproof seal around roof fixtures and penetrations to keep out water, air and moisture, preventing damage. It applies crystal clear and stays clear for a seamless blend with substrates. Ultra Clear Roof can be applied in adverse weather conditions such as on wet or damp surfaces, through standing water and in extreme temperatures of 0°F to 120°F. It provides outstanding UV resistance so it won’t yellow or break down over time. It stays permanently flexible and crack-proof even in cold temperatures, for a long-lasting, durable seal.

Key Features
  • DAP
    100% Waterproof & Weatherproof
  • DAP
    UV Resistant
Product Awards


  • Details
  • SKU Code Unit Size Color Dimensions (in.) Weight Case Pack Cases/Pallet
    7079818395 18395 10.1 FL OZ CRYSTAL CLEAR 8x6x12 9.87 lbs. 12 108
    7079818396 18396 32 FL OZ CRYSTAL CLEAR 11.5x7.875x6.562 14.39 lbs. 6 120
    7079818397 18397 1 GA CRYSTAL CLEAR 13.937x7.25x8.5 18.58 lbs. 2 75


  • Technical Data
  • Are Ultra Clear Roof products paintable?

    While painting is not required for Ultra Clear Roof sealants, they are paintable with latex-based paints after 24 hours. Oil-based paints are not recommended.

    Are they mold & mildew resistant?

    Yes, once fully cured.

    Are Ultra Clear Roof Sealants VOC compliant?

    DAP Ultra Clear Roof Sealants are VOC compliant in all 50 states, meaning no separate SKUs to set up and manage for different states.

    How are Ultra Clear Roof Sealants better than asphalt repair products?

    The crystal clear clarity of Ultra Clear Roof provides a better blend with surfaces, especially lighter colored building materials. Additionally, they won’t fade, chalk or crack over time. In general, they provide a better, cleaner finished appearance.

    Why are there different sizes of Ultra Clear Roof Sealants?

    To suit the different sizes and types of projects. The cartridge is ideal for tight spaces and to provide precision application such as seams and joints in gutter troughs and downspouts. The quart and gallon sizes are ideal for when a brush application is desired and for wider surface areas and larger projects. The quart’s easy grip ergo container is also ideal for working on a ladder.

    What is the difference between immediate rain ready and wet/damp surface application?

    Wet or damp surface application means that the surface the sealant is being applied to doesn’t have to be dry – it can be wet or damp. It is preferable that any standing water be removed, and Ultra Clear Roof can’t be applied over frost. Immediate rain ready means that the sealant can be exposed to a rain shower after application and won’t wash away. This means improved productivity because you don’t have to wait for a long period of clear weather conditions to apply. It also eliminates the worry of having the job ruined and needing to reapply.

    Why is low temperature flexibility important?

    A sealant and coating, especially one that’s used outside, needs to be able to stand up to the elements such as temperature fluctuations, snow, rain, UV exposure, heat and humidity. A sealant that stays flexible will be able to withstand these fluctuations without cracking or losing adhesion and maintain its strong seal. DAP Ultra Clear Roof passes the stringent ASTM 793 test for cold temperature flexibility, unlike some other competitive products. In this demanding test, sealants are weathered for 250 hours, placed in a freezer at -26°C for 24 hours and then flexed over a ½” mandrel. Ultra Clear Roof passed without cracking, unlike most of the competitive sealants.

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