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No Warp® Window & Door Sealant

  • Best For:
  • Insulating & Air Sealing
  • Window, Door, & Siding

One-component expanding polyurethane foam sealant that dispenses a low pressure/low curing force formula guaranteed to not warp or bow window or door frames and jambs.

Key Features
  • DAP
    Window/Door Safe
  • DAP
    Class 1 Fire Rated
  • DAP
    Reusable Adapter + Bonus Straw


  • Details
  • SKU Code Unit Size Color Dimensions (in.) Weight Case Pack Cases/Pallet
    7565004000 04000 12 OZ BRIGHT WHITE 11.5x8.5x9 12.87 lbs. 12 108


  • Technical Data
  • How does foam sealant compare to other types of insulation?

    Unlike caulking materials and other sealants that are solid, heavy and non-insulating, foam sealants expand to form an outer skin that contains closed air cells that provide an effective barrier against energy loss. DAP Foam forms a permanent seal that will not shrink or pull away from the material it has bonded to, making foam the best sealant available against air and moisture infiltration.

    Do surfaces require any special preparation before applying foam?

    Application surface must be clean, dry and free of all foreign material.

    Is DAP Foam waterproof?

    DAP Foam sealants are water-resistant, however they are not intended for use in submerged/below-waterline applications.

    Is DAP Foam fire retardant?

    Yes. DAP Foam sealants meet the criteria of flame / smoke spread to be classified as a Class A foam. While these sealants are fire retardant (self-extinguishing when flame is removed), they are not intended to be used a fire barrier or fire stop.

    Can DAP Foam be used to insulate a wall?

    No, DAP Foam insulating sealants are formulated to fill cracks, gaps and small voids. The project requires ventilation and humidity to cure. Larger voids may not allow enough air or moisture penetration for proper curing. DAP Foam products should not be used in any closed cavity that limits air/moisture exposure or the ability of the product the free rise (expand).

    How do I store DAP Foam?

    To store unused portion, bend straw back & attach to the knob atop the dispensing trigger. Store can upright below 90°F & above freezing temperature. Never store DAP Foam in your vehicle.

    Can DAP Foam be used outdoors?

    We recommend Landscape Foam for exterior applications. Landscape will not discolor or break down in sunlight like other foams. It is plant and fish safe, and the dark color blends into shadows well. MaxFill and Home Seal formulas may also be used indoors or outdoors. These foams should be painted when used outside in order to prevent discoloration and break down from UV exposure. DAP Foam can be painted in about one hour after dispensing. Touch 'n Foam No Warp, Fire Break and Mouse Shield should be used indoors only.

    Can I reuse DAP Foam?

    DAP Foam is reusable for up to three weeks after initial use. To store unused portion, bend straw back and attach to the knob atop the dispensing trigger. Store can upright below 90°F. Reuse product within three weeks. To re-use, cut the end off the straw (removing any cured foam), shake well and apply as directed.

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