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SILICONE MAX® Kitchen & Bath

  • Best For:
  • Kitchen, Bath, & Plumbing

Advanced 100% silicone rubber sealant provides maximum flexibility, adhesion and mold resistance for a 100% waterproof seal, backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Key Features
  • DAP
    Mold & Mildew Resistance
  • water ready
    30 Minute Water Ready
  • DAP
    Shrink & Crack Proof
  • DAP
    Lifetime Guarantee


  • Details
  • SKU Code Unit Size Color Dimensions (in.) Weight Case Pack Cases/Pallet
    7079808667 08667 10.1 FL OZ WHITE 8x6x12 9.17 lbs. 12 108
    7079808668 08668 10.1 FL OZ CLEAR 8x6x12 9.17 lbs. 12 108
    7079808793 08793 10.1 FL OZ ALMOND 8x6x12 9.17 lbs. 12 108
    7079808794 08794 2.8 FL OZ CLEAR 7.56x5.68x8.25 2.75 lbs. 12 200
    7079808795 08795 2.8 FL OZ GLOSS WHITE 7.56x5.68x8.25 2.75 lbs. 12 200


  • Technical Data
  • Is this sealant paintable?

    No. 100% silicone products are not paintable. The surface should be painted before the silicone is applied

    Is this sealant food grade?

    Yes. Certified by NSF to NSF / ANSI Standard #51.Safe for incidental food contact. When cured and washed, the product meets the requirements of FDA Regulation No. 21 CFR 177.2600

    What is NSF?

    The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International was founded in 1944 as to help standardize sanitation and food safety. It is the largest global organization that inspects and certifies materials that will come into contact with food and drinking water. This organization develops public health standards & certification programs; tests and certifies products, food and food equipment; and audits and develops education and risk management solutions for food safety.

    Why is NSF Certification important for SILICONE MAX Kitchen & Bath Sealant?

    Public health officials use NSF to ensure commercial food equipment/ prep areas meet sanitary guidelines. NSF Standard 51 “Food Equipment Materials” is used as the guideline for food equipment/ prep areas and breaks down into three zones: Food Zone: Surfaces are intended to be in direct contact with food. | Splash Zone: Surfaces subject to spillage where the food in not intended to be consumed. | Non-Food Zone: Surfaces other than those in a food or splash zone. | DAP SILICONE MAX Sealant is certified for “Food Zone” surfaces, the most rigorous of the three categories. DAP’s product can also be used in “Splash Zone” and “Non-Food Zone” applications also.

    Are DAP SILICONE MAX Sealants paintable?

    No, silicone sealants are not paintable.

    Why is extreme joint movement important for SILICONE MAX All Purpose Sealant?

    Weather and temperature conditions cause a home to expand and contract which can lead to a sealant losing adhesion and cracking. SILICONE MAX is formulated to have maximum flexibility so it's able to withstand extreme joint movement without cracking or losing adhesion. This means a durable, long-lasting seal.

    Where can SILICONE MAX Kitchen & Bath Sealant be used?

    DAP SILICONE MAX Kitchen & Bath sealant is ideal for sealing out water and moisture in kitchen & bathroom applications such as around sinks, tubs, showers, backsplashes, countertops, vanities and fixtures. This sealant can also be used for commercial/ industrial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. It can be used in any phase on the building’s lifecycle: construction, maintenance and/or re-modeling.

    How do I clean up excess uncured silicone sealant?

    Excess uncured silicone sealants should be cleaned up from surfaces or tools with mineral spirits. Cured sealant must be cut or scraped away from surfaces. Use soap and water to clean uncured sealant from skin.

    What does 30 minute water ready mean?

    You can expose the bead of sealant to water or rain in just 30 minutes from application and the sealant will not wash out or get permanent marks. This means time saved.

    What is the benefit of using a squeeze tube?

    The 2.8 fl.oz. squeeze tube doesn’t require the use of a caulk gun. It is ideal for sealing in tight, hard to reach spots or for smaller jobs.

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