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Internships At DAP

Lay the foundation of your career with DAP. Our internship program is about receiving real, hands-on experience. We want you to develop the skills and take advantage of opportunities that will make your career ambitions a reality! We offer students from various majors the chance to work on meaningful projects at many of our locations.

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DAP’s internship program provides an opportunity to join a cohort of students across various different specializations. Each intern is assigned to a specific project, working closely with his or her supervisor to address DAP initiatives and meaningful company focused projects. At the end of the program, the interns will conduct final presentations to leadership, highlighting their contributions and learning. Throughout the program, there are numerous opportunities to work with some of the top professionals in their fields, as well as the chance to network and participate in company events, such as a tour of the plant and distribution center, breakfast and learn meetups, and the DAP Cap Day at Camden Yards.

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Intern Testimonials

Eliana Pisciotta

Then: Graphic Design Intern

Now: Assistant Graphic Designer


I actually started my career at DAP as a summer intern and this gave me the opportunity to display my creativity and my work ethic which eventually led to me receiving a full time job as an Assistant Graphic Designer.

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Ron Debrosse

Then: Marketing Intern

Now: Regional Sales Manager, Midwest


Since 1990 when I started at DAP, I’ve probably had a dozen different jobs. Starting as a Marketing Intern working with packaging and labeling. I evolved into an entry level sales role servicing home center, then I became a Sales Territory Manager, then I was moved into the office to help with promotions and became a Channel Manager, then I managed the channel team in the office, then there was an opening to get back closer to home in the Midwest to manage a sales team.

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What our Mentors are Saying

At our facility, we were able to guide our intern through the phases of taking an idea from conceptual application to implementation. His design is now used by operators in the Foam Kit-15 area whom loved working with someone who accepted the challenge of improving their process.

- Edmonn Maul, Maintenance & Engineering Manager

This project is continuing but [our intern] provided valuable lab batch and competitive test data to move forward and expand on. She additionally helped provide insight into a new test methodology that could assist in meeting the primary project goal.

- Richard Glass, Senior Chemist II

I have a slightly different experience than most, being that I've been on both sides of the Internship Program. From the mentor's perspective, it's truly a privilege to be able to help someone take the skills they've learned in a classroom setting, apply them to the real world and see them thrive. At the same time, the internship program brings new and fresh eyes to different functions of our business, driving a positive impact to our company and reinforcing our core values.

- Joseph Bennett, Category Manager, Program Implementation