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Weldwood® Original Contact Cement

  • Best For:
  • Household Repair
  • DIY, Craft, & Hobby

Weldwood Contact Cement is a multi-purpose neoprene rubber adhesive that forms instant, high-strength bonds on a variety of surfaces. Offers hundreds of uses for the home, office, and workshop. Forms strong bonds on contact to eliminate the need for clamps, temporary fasteners, and long set times.

Key Features
  • DAP
    Permanent Bond
  • DAP
    High Heat Resistant
  • DAP
    Water Resistant
  • DAP


  • Details
  • SKU Code Unit Size Color Dimensions (in.) Weight Case Pack Cases/Pallet
    7079800107 00105 3 FL OZ TAN 8.75x6.63x3.62 3.54 lbs. 12 319
    7079800129 00129 0.67 FL OZ TAN 7.36x6.02x3.66 1.04 lbs. 12 300
    7079800271 00271 16 FL OZ TAN 14x10.5x4.25 13.75 lbs. 12 130
    7079800272 00272 32 FL OZ TAN 13.5x9x5 12.67 lbs. 6 144
    7079800273 00273 1 GA TAN 13.5x13.5x8 31.67 lbs. 4 45


  • Technical Data
  • Can this product be used to install a headliner in my car?

    Thicker “brush grade” contact cements can soak through thine foam and fabric causing damage. For this type of specialized application, please refer to our Weldwood Landau Top & Trim High Heat Resistant Contact Cement.

    The can says the product has a one-year shelf life. How can I read the batch number?

    For example, there is a number similar to 519001. The first number “5” indicates the manufacturing location. The next two numbers “19” indicate the year the product was manufactured, 2019. The next 3 numbers “001” indicates the Julian date on a calendar. This example “519001” would indicate the product was manufactured on the 01/01/2019. The product has a one-year shelf life from that date in an unopened, properly stored container.

    Can I use it to repair my shoes?

    The product does not typically have sufficient flexibility when it dries for this type of repair, therefore, we do not recommend it on applications that will be subject to significant movement (flexing).

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