Wall and Cavity Foam

High-Performance Spray FOAM Insulation Simplified

Premixed Formula

Always on Ratio Ready to Use

One Hose, One Canister, One Applicator

A proprietary technology that bridges the gap between 1-Component and 2-Component spray foam by combining a unique formulation with an innovative applicator for insulating projects.

Performance Where it Matters Most

slide wide spray applicator

Wide Spray Applicator

With a responsive flow control trigger, Wall & Cavity Foam sprays a consistent, wide-angled pattern for maximum coverage. The 8' hose helps to increase your reach for those hard to access areas.

slide No-Clog Formulation

Code Compliance

Wall & Cavity Foam is Class-A Fire rated. It seals out air and provides thermal insulation savings on energy costs all year round.

slide Wide Temperature Adaptability

Wide Temperature Adaptability

New proprietary formulation, Wall & Cavity Foam can be installed from 40°-120°F.

Insulating and air sealing simplified

Saving on energy costs and improving the comfort of a home is now easier than ever. Wall & Cavity Foam is a first-of-its kind, patent pending wide spray applicator and pre-mixed formula that, like a 2-Component spray foam, air seals and insulates with ultimate spray control. Save up to 30% on energy costs by simply spraying a thin layer of Wall & Cavity Foam before installing fiberglass insulation.

Rim Joists

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Tackle hard-to-reach areas like rim joists with easier portability, wide spray applicator and an 8' hose

Wall Cavities

product example

Ideal for new additions or renovations when drywall is removed - add value and energy savings to a variety of spaces


product example

With a wider temperature install range, tackle attic spaces with confidence and extended tack-free time for any needed corrections


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Spray Foam + Fiberglass = Maximum Savings

Urethane foam use may be restricted or prohibited in certain areas. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that both the foam and application process are in compliance with local building codes covering the use of cellular plastic or urethane foam. DAP Global Inc. assumes no responsibility for foam that has been applied and later found to be non-compliant.

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Touch ‘N Foam Professional® Wall & Cavity Foam

EXPERIENCE the DAP Difference

Saves Energy

Performs & Sprays Like 2-component Foam Kits. Aged R- Value of 4.1 at 1” thickness


Closed Cell Formulation Helps Keep Unwanted Moisture Out

Class-A Fire Rated

Meets Building Code

Wide Temperature Adaptability

For Greater Project Versatility

Yields* up to 97 BF

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10.5 lb Canister

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Yields* up to 185 BF

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20 lb Canister

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Yields* up to 323 BF

35 lb Canister

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* Theoretical yield in board feet (12"x12"x1")

Actual output can be affected by several factors including temperature, humidity & blowing agent loss. The theoretical yield has become an industry standard for identifying certain sizes of spray foam kits. The calculation is based upon ideal conditions, does not include blowing agent loss, and may vary according to application method or environmental factors

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