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Tank Bond™ Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy

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  • Household Repair

Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy creates a durable and reliable bond that is 4x tougher than regular epoxy. With a cure speed in as fast as 30 minutes and high impact resistance, Advanced Epoxy outranks typical epoxy performance. Best of all, this adhesive requires zero surface preparation for a faster, easier application.

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    7079800176 00176 0.9 FL OZ GRAY 6x5.38x8.63 0.9 lbs. 6 272


  • Technical Data
  • Does Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy smell during application?

    Yes. It will give off a somewhat strong smell during application and while curing. This formula should be mixed and applied in a work area with plenty of ventilation. The smell of Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy will fade by the time the adhesive sets and cures (20-30 minutes).

    What color will Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy cure?

    The mixed formula will cure to a dark gray color.

    What is the mix ratio of Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy?

    The mix ratio of Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy is 2:1, or 2 parts of the resin to 1 part of the accelerator. The resin comes in a larger tube with a larger opening to dispense more material, while the accelerator comes in a smaller tube with a smaller opening. It is recommended that users squeeze out the material in two equal length lines to get a 2:1 ratio from the two different tube sizes.

    How fast will Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy cure?

    Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy will cure in as fast as 30 minutes on most materials. For materials like wood, ceramics, and stone, it will take 4-6 hours to reach cured bond strength.

    What is the shelf life of Tank Bond HD Advanced Epoxy?

    12 months as long as it is stored at room temperature.

    Is Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy the same thing as regular epoxy?

    No. Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy is made with different two-part adhesive technology than typical epoxies that is used in heavy duty applications from tank repair to automotive manufacturing. It is a reactive chemistry that has a longer working time but faster cure speed than typical epoxies. It also cures with flexibility which results in an extremely high impact resistance level compared to brittle epoxies. Best of all, this formula requires zero surface prep and can form a strong bond to a substrate regardless of any surface coatings or how smooth the material may be.

    What does zero surface prep mean?

    Zero Surface Prep means a strong, durable bond can be formed on any clean, dry surface which can be achieved with a dry wipe down. Ideal performance for typical epoxies requires several steps of surface prep to form a good bond which includes completely degreasing the surface and then roughening it to allow an epoxy to bond.

    What does 4x tougher than Epoxy mean?

    4x Tougher means a bond formed with Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy can withstand impact forces 4 times what a typical epoxy bond can. This means your bond will stand up to more impact, warping, and vibration without failing a tougher, more durable bond.

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