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The DAP trademark is a signature for products immediately recognized for their quality and leadership. It is a powerful signal to generations of do-it-yourselfers and professional tradespeople who chose and use DAP products with the utmost confidence. This awareness, acceptance, purchase preference, and overall user satisfaction for DAP products is anchored by our family of America's Number 1 Selling products which are powerful market leaders.

What we Mean by Products for Building Green and Living Green
When terms such as "green," "building green," "living green" or the like are used in conjunction with a specific DAP product, such terms refer exclusively to DAP’s determination of the low VOC content of that DAP product and/or the ability of that product to improve energy efficiency as a component in sealing a building envelope, in both cases as defined by (i) select independent organizations active in developing building guidelines and/or (ii) governmental authorities active in setting air emission and/or building standards. DAP does not intend the use of such "green" terminology to imply any additional characteristics or attributes of these products, their environmental impact or their use in any building system, other than as noted above. In addition, the listing of an independent organization or governmental authority should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any DAP product by that organization or authority. Please note that the ability of any DAP product to meet the requirements of any particular government regulation, building specification, rating system, standard, suggested use, prescriptive requirement or the like, as stated on this web site is based on the DAP product formulation as of October 2008.