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Professional-looking Seal Made Easy With New DAP® Pro Caulk™ Caulking Tool Kit

The Easy, No-Mess Way to a Perfect Finish

BALTIMORE (May 14, 2009) – Applying caulks and sealants used to be messy and time consuming. But now you can seal like a pro in minutes with the new DAP® Pro Caulk™ Caulking Tools. Create a perfect looking seal every time – any edge, any corner, any joint – while reducing the amount of wasted caulk, sealant or compound.

The DAP® Pro Caulk™ Tool Kit contains four tools that offer a variety of sealing edge sizes and shapes. There’s a tool for smoothing larger joints and a tool for smaller joints and grouting tile. Also included is a mini-tool for smoothing joints in hard to reach places. And there’s a caulk removal tool that quickly and easily removes the old caulk and sealant prior to the start of a new project.

Including DAP® Pro Caulk™ Tools in any caulk and sealant application process is easy. First, remove the old caulk using the caulk remover tool and apply the new caulk or sealant as usual. Then select the DAP® Pro Caulk™ Tool according to the size of the joint being sealed and the finish desired. Applying even pressure, quickly slide the DAP® Pro Caulk™ Tool along the joint for a perfect finish.

DAP® Pro Caulk™ Tools are the easy way to complete just about every caulking and sealing project with a perfect finish. Use any of the eight different edge sizes in the kitchen and bath to seal joints on and around countertops, back splashes, showers, sinks, fixtures, to grout between tiles and more. The DAP® Pro Caulk™ Tool Kit comes in handy indoors and outdoors for applications such as sealing around window and door frames, siding, trim, crown molding and baseboards.

DAP® Pro Caulk™ Tools are made from DuraFlex and are easy to clean with water or mild dishwashing detergent. The DAP® Pro Caulk™ Caulking Tool kit is available at The Home Depot.

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