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Caulk And Shower In Just Three Hours!

BALTIMORE (August, 2007) – DAP’s latest innovation in caulks and sealants focuses on giving consumers a product that saves them time and reduces the chance for errors. Introducing DAP® KWIK SEAL® 3.0 Advanced Kitchen and Bath Adhesive Caulk with Kwik Dry™ Technology. This advanced caulk is specially formulated with innovative Kwik Dry™ Technology, allowing it to be exposed to water and moisture after only three hours without washing out. This means that you can caulk and then shower in three hours.

While traditional latex and silicone kitchen and bath caulks require a 24-36 hour waiting period, KWIK SEAL® 3.0 forms a tough outer skin that withstands water and moisture after just three hours, drastically reducing the waiting time between caulking and using the area. This is great news for anyone remodeling or living in a single bathroom dwelling. DIYers can caulk and use their shower the very same day. Contractors don’t need to worry about callbacks from customers using the shower too soon.

In addition to providing a waterproof seal, KWIK SEAL® 3.0 is formulated with MICROBAN® Antimicrobial Product Protection, which fights the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that cause odors, stains and degradation of the caulk. MICROBAN Antimicrobial Product Protection neutralizes bacterial and fungal growth where it lives and breeds. This means that the bead of caulk will be easier to keep clean and will stay cleaner between cleanings.

KWIK SEAL® 3.0 has superior adhesion and flexibility to provide a permanently watertight seal that won’t crack or shrink. It is paintable and also has low odor and low VOC content for improved indoor air quality. And it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

"KWIK SEAL® 3.0 adhesive caulk combines all of the attributes a consumer is looking for in a kitchen and bath caulk with the time saving benefit of an accelerated skin time. It adds convenience to any remodeling contractor or home owner who needs to caulk a bathroom, but cannot wait 24-36 hours to use the shower," said David Fuller, vice president of marketing for DAP. DAP® KWIK SEAL® 3.0 Advanced Caulk with Kwik Dry™ Technology is ideal for caulking and sealing around tubs, showers, sinks, countertops, tiles and fixtures. It adheres to many surfaces such as glass, porcelain, plastic, metal, cultured marble and more.

To find a location where DAP® KWIK SEAL® 3.0 Advanced Kitchen and Bath Adhesive Caulk with Kwik Dry™ Technology is available, please visit the "Where to Buy" section of the DAP website.

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*Allow additional dry time in high humidity or cool temperatures.

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